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October 5, 2023


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Looking for a way to increase your page views? Get ready to learn how to increase website traffic organically with these tips!

If you’re wondering how to get more page views to your blog, you’ve come to the right place! We get over a million page views to our blog A MONTH.

Yes, some months are slower than others but we’re consistently getting heavy traffic to the website.

We’ve really figured out how to increase website traffic so you don’t have to waste your time! You can easily implements these strategies to get the same results with your blog.

This post is all about how to increase website traffic organically and get more page views.

How To Increase Website Traffic Organically

1. SEO Matters

If you’re not using SEO (search engine optimization) in every blog post then you’re probably not seeing much traffic.

Honestly, you’re not alone. So many people get overwhelmed with SEO and how to properly use it.

SEO really just means making sure that Google can quickly understand what you’re writing about and offer it to people searching for that content online.

How does that impact your website traffic and page views? If Google has no idea what you’re writing about then it won’t know to suggest your article to readers.

Which means you NEED to be writing every blog post on your website FOR the reader.

Here’s a good example: if you’re writing a post about skincare, you would want to title the post “13 Amazing Skincare Products You’ll Love” instead of “13 Amazing Skincare Products I Love”.

You have to make EVERY. SINGLE. POST. about the reader and how you can help the reader.

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2. Social Media Platforms


You probably already know what I’m going to say but the best way to get traffic to your website is Pinterest.

Seriously, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get page views in the beginning.

You are able to create and post pins that will reach such a wide audience and can link directly back to your blog post. There aren’t many platforms that make it that easy, trust me.


Instagram used to bring about 1% of traffic to my blog when I first started my IG account in 2020 (which was about 3 years AFTER I started blogging).

Now that I’ve been on that platform for a while it is bringing more traffic but honestly not nearly as much as Pinterest. I would say that I use Instagram more for community building than driving traffic to my site.

I think another caveat (and this goes back to what I said in the SEO section) is that no one really cares about you in the beginning.

Your blog will do better if you write FOR the reader instead of ABOUT yourself.

And Instagram typically only works well if you have a lot of people really interested in your brand (which there won’t be when you’re just starting out).

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I started Youtube around the same time I started Instagram, and I thought that IG would have been way more popular than my YT channel.

Truthfully, I was SHOCKED at how much traffic my videos brought to my blog.

That being said, you do have to be strategic with how you use your Youtube channel and plan your videos. Your goal shouldn’t be to have a huge Youtube channel, it should still be to drive traffic to your blog.

You can’t expect someone is just going to look at your website from Youtube, you have to make it worth their time.

Like mentioning special offers, printables, blog posts, and additional resources your viewer would like.


This one is crazy to me because I’ve had some crazy successes and flops on TikTok.

It’s great to grow viral and reach a huge audience, however there isn’t that community aspect as much as there is on Instagram.

However, the BSL businesses (like The Dailee) have been thriving on TikTok. So jury is still out, I recommend just focusing on Pinterest in the beginning but once you’re ready, TikTok will be there for you.

Learn My Exact Blogging Strategies That I Used to Start My 7-Figure Blog

So the two biggest ways to increase your website traffic and get more page views is by implementing an SEO strategy and using social media platforms to your advantage.

There’s no magic dust that grants you page views overnight (ugh, I wish!) but you can do this!

Blogging isn’t a fast game, I’m sure you’ve heard me say it a million times by now but it’s the truth. Just keep at it and be consistent.

Hopefully these tips helped and you can always learn more with my courses! I swear by courses as the fastest way to learn and see results.

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