Step By Step Guide on How to Start a Blog


Step By Step Guide on How to Start a Blog

is blogging dead

Is Blogging Dead: What is the future of blogging?

Is blogging dead in 2024? Explore if it’s still profitable and relevant. Discover why start a blog and how AI impacts its future.

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first month of blogging

The 9 Best Tips for Your First Month of Blogging

Discover the essential steps to thrive in your first month of blogging, from setting achievable goals to unlocking earning potential.

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how to find your blog niche

How To Find Your Blog Niche

If you’ve been having trouble picking a blogging niche, this article will walk you through how to find your blog niche stress-free!

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Take a look around, whether you want to leisurely browse or take a deep dive, these blog posts are here to teach you the ins and outs of blogging.

How I Made Over $30,000+ Blogging In May 2020

Since starting my blog in September 2017, I have increased my income from $0 a month to making over $43,000 in ONE month while being a full-time student and having a social life. After semi-figuring out this blogging world and all it entails, I am here to tell you that ANYONE can start and be successful with a blog. 

How to Start a Blog That Makes Money

In just four years, I have turned my blog into a business that earns me over seven-figures. Within the first year, I was earning over a thousand a month and you can too!

Hey all Type A's out there, you're gonna want these apps ASAP! Seriously, these apps will do the heavy lifting for you so your blog feels effortless.

It's no secret that there's money in blogging, and I know how to make those odd pennies turn into big bucks.

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Perfecting Blogging


I'm dishing out all the blogging tips and insider secrets. Every single week.

Want to know how I was able to start a blog that now makes over $75,000 a month? I'm sharing my top tips and tricks on how to start a blog that makes money (and help thousands of people!!). 

Ready to make money moves?

Remember that every great journey starts with the first step right?! I've been getting you excited to take the leap and I want to make it as easy as possible, so what is holding you back?

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Starting from the beginning, this course teaches everything you need to know about laying out your website to writing your first blog post. Plus, my SEO strategy that's SO good and SO easy to incorporate.

Let's get that business Pinterest account set up and I'll teach you the secret to incorporating SEO into pins and how I only spend one hour a week on Pinterest. Pinterest drives the most traffic to my site and it can be the top dog for you too!

Whether you're just starting your list or it's 100,000+ strong (like mine!), these are the exact strategies to create printables, opt-ins, sequences, and email automations that attract lifetime subscribers.


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