How To Find Your Blog Niche

January 24, 2024


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If you’ve been struggling to find your blogging niche, look no further! I’m breaking down exactly how to find your blog niche.

I get this comment all the time on my Youtube videos and Facebook. Picking a blog niche can be difficult, there are so many blog niche ideas that it can be hard to know what are the untapped blog niches.

My goal is to help you figure out what some underserved blog niches are and provide some blog niche examples to jumpstart your blogging business!

Let’s make choosing a niche easier than ever before, am I right?

This post is all about how to find your blog niche.

How To Find Your Blog Niche

First and foremost, there is no end all be all “most profitable blogging niche”. You could have a profitable niche no matter what you write about!

However, there are definitely some niches that are more popular than others.

So without further ado, here are some of what I’ve found to be the most popular blogging niches.

Most Popular Blogging Niches

The key here is to pick your obsessions and hone in on those. You could write about whatever is most popular but if you aren’t obsessed with the topic, it will be hard to continue writing consistently in that niche.

  • Fashion – as you start to develop your own style, it’s easy to get obsessed with what’s trending now and what your favorite It people are wearing
  • Parenting – when you become a new parent, it’s hard not to be hooked on the best tips and tricks to keep your sanity and give your child the best life you can
  • Finance – whether it’s saving money or climbing out of debt or investing for the first time, people love learning more about how to manage their money
  • Lifestyle – this is obvious but some people’s lives are just so inspiring, and offering up ideas to make life more glamorous is definitely obsession-worthy
  • Food – there is no end to the food niche; whether it’s new recipes or eating habits or cooking/baking tips, the options are endless
  • Travel – lastly, those who are travel bugs know that a good travel recommendation is worth it’s weight in gold

I’ve found that when into these things, you’re REALLY into them. Which means that writing about them comes with a great audience base (since these six topics are fairly universal).

However, just because these are the most popular doesn’t mean they’re the BEST. In fact, since they’re so saturated it might be harder to rank with Google initially.

Which is why I would recommend picking an underserved niche instead (think something more specific, relatable to a smaller group of people, etc.).

In addition to considering what people are obsessed with, it’s also important to consider how your niche will perform throughout the year.

Before I had my eggs in different baskets business-wise, I definitely experienced the high and low seasons with my niche of decor/organization.

When you blog, it’s important to keep that in mind so you don’t freak out if your niche is doing worse or better than usual throughout the year.

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How To Decide What To Blog About

Whatever niche you choose, you have to own it.

Like it’s always crazy to me when bloggers who started three months ago want to add “How to Start a Blog” to their niche.

Yes, that is a profitable niche.But if you only have three months-worth of knowledge, then you’re not a credible source at all.

When you pick a niche, you have to become an expert and you have to be an authority in that area! No one wants to learn from someone that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Readers aren’t stupid, you can always tell when someone is just trying to make money and sell you something versus when they are trying to help you learn more.

So make sure you’re picking a niche that you can speak wisely on.

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Blogging Niche Takeaways

Here are my three takeaways from picking a blog niche:

  1. You can blog about anything and be successful.
  2. Hone in on people’s obsessions.
  3. You personally need to be interested in your niche.

A bonus takeaway would be to think about how your niche can evolve.

I hesitate to mention it because I don’t want anyone to get decision paralysis and not choose a niche because they fear picking wrong.

But truthfully, it’s important to think about how your can grow with your brand. Here’s what I mean by that —

Do you want to blog full time as an end goal? Or is blogging means to get to another dream?

If it’s the former, then pick whatever niche you’re passionate about and just blog about that! But if it’s the latter, maybe consider what your end goal is. What niches could be the engine to take you there?

I hope that was helpful and you’re ready to claim your niche!

This post was all about how to find your blog niche.

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