Is Blogging Dead: What is the future of blogging?

March 19, 2024


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Is blogging dead in 2024? Explore if it’s still profitable and relevant, discover why start a blog, and how AI impacts its future.

is blogging dead

So is blogging dead? People ask me this question all the time, or “is blogging still relevant”, and “is blogging worth it?”

If my success can prove anything, it’s that blogging is NOT dead and is still extremely profitable.

For those of you wondering “is it too late to start a blog?” I have been blogging since 2017 and can safely say that it is never too late to start! If you want to turn your dreams into reality and become a blogger, there’s no better time to start than now.

This blog post will address the question “is blogging dead?”


Blogging will never go away. So long as there are people searching on the internet, there will be blogs providing answers to all kinds of queries.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, answers, instructions, etc. you can find it online. Every answer that comes up with your search is from a website or a post. There is an endless amount of things that people are searching for.

And that’s not about to change any time soon! While algorithms and search functions may change, the nature of the internet as a place to provide answers will not.

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Are blogs losing popularity?

Since ChatGPT and AI are new buzzwords and social media use has skyrocketed, some people are wondering what happened to blogging.

Truth is, it’s still there! While you have search capabilities in almost any social media app and there are creators providing content, googling something is unparalleled.

And when you use a search engine to find information, it’s searching through — you guessed it — blogs! Blog posts and webpages are populating with every search.

Which is a fantastic reminder that when you have a blog, you should be providing value to your audience, giving them something that they’re looking for.

Whether that’s information, inspiration, instructions, or whatever else, you want to make sure you’re serving your audience.

Is blogging going away?

By keeping your blog fresh and updated with algorithm changes and current SEO practices, you can ensure that your blog is here to stay.

I started my blog in 2017 and trust me when I say we’re always keeping up with the latest trends. We make sure the blog is always optimized and functioning at 100%.

Unless you’re planning on creating a blog and then letting it be, there should be no reason you can’t have a blog that thrives no matter what changes come its way.

Also, I think it’s worth reminding yourself that a blog can be the most powerful marketing tool in your business.

If being a full time blogger is your goal, then that’s great. But if you want to use it as an engine to take you further towards a bigger goal, then it’s worth keeping on top of it.

Learn My Exact Blogging Strategies That I Used to Start My 7-Figure Blog

The Power of Blogging

I want to give you an example of how you can use blogging to create a career—

Let’s say you wanted to start a dog food business. By starting a blog about dogs, you would cultivate an audience that’s passionate about that topic and establish yourself as an expert in this subject.

You could write about different dog breeds, dog needs (like food, grooming, exercise, etc.), dog behaviors, and whatever else. There is an endless list of keywords for every niche.

So then when you start your dog food company, you already have a loyal customer base and email list you could sell to instead of cold calling. Plus you’d have a trustworthy reputation as knowledgeable about dogs.

That’s how blogging works. You provided invaluable information to readers and become a trusted voice to your audience. So when you create a product or business related to what you’ve been blogging about, people already want to invest in you.

Which is essentially what I did with my blog about decor and organization.

I’ve built such a loyal base of readers who have followed my blog since my dorm and apartment days, now to my home and interior design era.

And it’s incredible to know that I’ve been able to help so many readers before my dream job actually became my reality.

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Blogging is Evolving

So is blogging profitable? Yes.

Is blogging over saturated? No.

Is blogging dead because of AI? Absolutely not.

Blogging will never go away so long as you evolve with the world. Which is what every profitable business does.

You just have to be willing to evolve with your blog in that sense and know that people are not going to stop searching any time soon.

Think about the amount of time you spend on your phone or the internet, consuming content. Honestly, it feels like more time than ever before. So clearly, the audiences are out there.

Blogs and AI

Part of evolving with your blog is also learning how you can use AI to help you blog — NOT blog for you. I will never suggest letting ChatGPT or AI write an entire blog post for you and you just hit publish.

That’s not authentic and typically not best practices. However, you can use them to assist you in keyword research or idea generation.

These were always meant to be tools to help you, not do all the heavy lifting.

Remember that your blog is for providing valuable information to readers and that you want to make sure you’re putting out the best work you can.

Don’t take the easy way out because you’ll find the quality of your work suffering.

How To Start A Blog

If you’re ready to embrace that blogging isn’t dead and start a blog of your own, I’m listing the exact steps you need to take in order to create your own blog!

I wrote this blog post: How To Start A Blog that goes over my recommendations in full detail but if you want the spark notes version, here’s the TLDR:

1. Pick your niche

2. Choose a blogging platform (I recommend WordPress, not Wix or Squarespace)

3. Pick a host (I recommend Bluehost for beginners!)

4. Choose a domain name & start your WordPress blog

5. Design your website with a theme (I recommend 17th Avenue Designs)

6. Start blogging!

The hardest part about blogging is honestly being consistent and patient. Blogging isn’t a fast game and you won’t make any money right away in the beginning.

However, if you can stick with it and be patient, then blogging is so worth it and can earn you passive income like no other.

Seriously, it’s so worth it. I’ve been able to pay off college, my car, buy a house, pay for a wedding, etc. all from my blog!

This post answered the question “is blogging dead?”

Learn My Exact Blogging Strategies That I Used to Start My 7-Figure Blog

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